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Going on holiday: crime advice

At the destination

Follow these tips from Greater Manchester Police for a crime-free holiday:

  1. If you want to exchange currency, try and have the exact amount of money ready. Don't produce a wallet bulging with cash.

  2. Don't keep your passport, sterling or foreign currency together and most importantly make sure you keep your travellers cheques in a separate, safe, secure place.

  3. Many hotels have a safety deposit box for you to store your passport, large amounts of cash and credit cards. Always detach the key fob from the deposit box key and place the fob in the deposit box, after memorising the box number. If you happen to lose the key, you won't also lose all your money!

  4. Handbag and jewellery snatches are not uncommon in many tourist resorts, so don't put anything valuable in your bag, and only wear what jewellery is needed.

  5. On a similar note, pick-pocketing is widespread in many holiday cities, so again only carry what is necessary.

  6. There is also every conceivable 'con' going on in most busy holiday locations, from the photographer who promises to forward the picture, to the time-share sales person. When you've switched off and are having a good time, it becomes difficult to tell who the criminals really are.

  7. If you find burglary is a problem in your hotel, then consider hiding valuables in your room. A 'can-safe' looks like a normal tin of food, hair-spray or drink, but the bottom unscrews to let you store items away out of sight.

  8. You can improve door security by taking a temporary door lock. Looking a little bit like a slide ruler, these locks can be put in your closed bedroom door to stop anyone getting in whilst you are asleep. The type of personal attack alarm which has a pull string to activate the unit, can often be positioned to go round the door handle. Anyone opening the door whilst you are in would activate the alarm.