Choice Based Letting: look for a home

Look for, and bid for homes on Manchester's online rehousing system

Look for, and bid for homes on Manchester's online rehousing system

Use CBL to look for rented homes from Parkway Green and other not-for-profit landlords across Manchester

Choice Based Lettings means that you can actively look for and bid for available homes. All Parkway Green’s available properties are advertised on CBL. It gives you more choice and more control.

We also use to occasionally advertise some of our properties. This is also a choice based letting system which anyone registered on the Housing Register can use.

Genuinely interested

Only bid for a Parkway Green home if you are in the relevant rehousing category – otherwise we can’t consider the bid. If you’re not sure which category you’re in, please contact us.

And only go for a home if you’re genuinely interested in it. If you turn down a home we may not offer you another.

Can you view available homes?

We can’t offer viewing appointments to home-seekers. But we can show you pictures of the type of property you can bid for. And if your bid is successful, we’ll invite you to have a look round before you accept a home.

Chances and choices

Your chance of a home depends on several things – see Your chance of a home. If your chances are poor, if you can't find anything, or if you’ve been registered for rehousing for a long time, look at Other housing options.

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