Please note this is an historical page that relates to when Tenants voted for Parkway Green in November 2005.

Tenants’ vote for Parkway Green

Manchester City Council tenants in west Wythenshawe were asked to vote on proposals to switch management of their homes to Parkway Green Housing Trust in a four-week ballot in November 2005.

The result of the ballot was:

YES to Parkway Green: 89%
NO to Parkway Green: 11%

The turnout was: 75%

The resounding majority in favour gave us the backing we needed from the people that matter.

Proposal document

‘Your future your choice’ is the formal proposal or ‘offer’ that described in detail the switch from Manchester City Council to Parkway Green Housing Trust, and what it means to you.

This is what tenants voted for in the ballot in November 2005. It’s your written promise about what Parkway Green will deliver over the next few years.