Habitual Complaints

It’s important to us that our tenants and customers can contact us and let us know their feedback or make a complaint. We take this feedback, good or not so good, seriously and we use it to improve the services we provide to all of our tenants, we do however expect that when feedback is given or someone contacts us that they do so in a reasonable manner and allow us a reasonable length of time to respond to it.

In some situations where a complainant unreasonably and persistently contacts the Group in such a way that it hinders the Groups ability to consider their complaint or that of other people’s, due to their unreasonable expectations or the significant resource issue that it places on staff, we will consider putting in place sanctions that limit and restrict this contact.

We would always ensure that such sanctions are appropriate to each individual and their situation and would make sure that the complainant is aware of how they could contact us. This is sometimes referred to as a vexatious or habitual complainant.

For more information on this please contact the customer services team and ask to speak to the Customer Access manager or e-mail complaints&praise@wchg.org.uk