Manchester City Council

Parkway Green is a not-for-profit housing company that took over ownership of around 6,000 Manchester City Council homes in October 2006.

We’re a ‘limited company’ making our own decisions independently from Manchester City Council, although we work in partnership with the council on certain issues.

Parkway Green has the full responsibilities of a landlord. We manage your home and neighbourhood – collecting rent, ordering repairs and so on – and make improvements to all housing.

Here’s how the major areas of housing responsibility are divided. . .

Parkway Green responsibilities

  • Deciding how to spend improvement money
  • Employing contractors to make the improvements
  • Ordering repairs and employing contractors
  • Collecting rent, dealing with rent arrears and giving debt advice
  • Dealing with empty homes
  • Finding new tenants using the rehousing and home-exchange systems
  • Consulting, informing and involving tenants in the housing service and improvements plans
  • Making sure people keep to tenancy agreements, and taking action if they don’t
  • Managing local estates, caretaking and sheltered housing
  • Looking after the environment – dealing with untidy gardens, garages, maintaining land around homes and monitoring street cleaning
  • Dealing with anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance incidents

City Council responsibilities

  • Overall housing strategy for the whole of Manchester – wider policy issues like promoting sustainable communities
  • Dealing with claims for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit
  • Providing a service for the city’s homeless people
  • Providing the Supporting People service and housing support for vulnerable people

And of course the City Council still delivers all its other traditional (non-housing) services – education, leisure facilities, social services, libraries, street cleaning, bins, benefits and so on.

Generally, for all your everyday housing services, contact Parkway Green and for other services contact Manchester City Council.