Community Development Grants

Community Dev Grants

Tenants and Residents Groups, Community Groups and even Organisations working within our communities can apply for a grant to fund community projects that meet the criteria detailed in the form at the bottom of this page:

Hot Tips on Filling in your Application

Make sure you read the form thoroughly

Section 1: Ensure you fill in the full contact details. Complete all sections with as much detail as possible. The more you put in the less questions we will have to ask. Ensure you give full details about the money you require, breakdown the details and give quotes where possible.

Section 2: Only established groups should fill in this section. By established we mean 1 year or older. Ensure you send in the relevant information required i.e. constitution, accounts, bank statements

Section 3: This should be filled in by new groups, less than 1 year old. Please answer all questions.

Section 4: This is an opportunity for you to give us a little more information about your group/project and what you aim to achieve with the funding if approved. You may also wish to send in copies of any current publicity to give the panel more information on your group.

Signatories: Please ensure that this section is completed and signed by the two nominated members from your group.

When can you make an application?

The Wythenshawe Community Development Grant scheme has been designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of voluntary and community groups. Applications will be discussed at the panel meetings every quarter: April/July/October/January.

What happens after you have submitted your application?

The completed application will be checked to ensure that all of the questions have been completed. You may be contacted if we need to check any of the details on the application or if we require further information to make a decision.

Who will make the decision on your application?

The grants are designed to support local activities, projects and groups. Decisions on grant applications aremade by a panel of local tenants and Wythenshawe Community Housing Group Regeneration Team.

How long does the decision process take?

Decisions on applications will be notified within 10 working days of the panel meeting dates. This may be delayed if further information is required.

How are grants paid?

Grant awards will be issued by cheque and made payable to the voluntary or community group bank accounts. Payments can not be made out to an individual.

How will grant awards be monitored?

All grant awards will be monitored to ensure that the grant is used for the purposes set out in the grant application. Groups receiving grants will be asked to fill in a simple monitoring form and will be required to comply with the terms and conditions on which the grant has been made.

Promotion & Publicity

The support of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group must be acknowledged in any promotional activities or publicity material related to the project or activity sponsored. Wythenshawe Community Housing Group reserve the right to promote and publicise activities and projects sponsored through the grant awards scheme.

Submitting your application

You can download an application form here but please review the full criteria for funding to ensure you are eligible before making an application.

To submit your completed application please make sure you have completed all the relevant questions on the form then return to:

  •  The Involvement Team, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group,Wythenshawe House, 8 Poundswick Lane, Wythenshawe, Manchester

    M22 9TA