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Give notice of ending your tenancy

Before you send this form check the rules for ending your tenancy.

Use this form to give us 'notice' that you are ending your tenancy. We will contact you within two working days to confirm that we have received this form. We will ask you to sign an official confirmation. If you don't hear from us within two working days, please contact us.


Your tenancy must end on a SUNDAY. You must tell us that you are leaving at least four weeks before the tenancy ends. If you give us less notice than this we will charge you rent for the weeks you did not give notice. For example if you only give three weeks notice, we will charge one extra week's rent.

When will you end the tenancy of your Parkway Green home?

When will you return the keys?
This must be no later than 12 noon on the Monday after your tenancy-end date.
At your new address will you?

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Data Protection

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